March Madness means Sock Madness!

No excuses, I’m back.   Every march there’s a competition I look forward too. It’s called Sock Madness. Initially, it wasn’t meant to be a forever thing. Just a fun competition for knitters who loved making socks. I joined the first year and have been a part of it ever since.  It is now in it’s fifth year and going strong. In fact, it’s growing and is now known as Sock Madness Forever! There are several rounds and at the end of each round some spots are eliminated from each team.  A two week limit is given for the first sock. This is kind of an elimination round and those who survive it, are placed on a team.  Now we get a full two weeks to complete the first pair of socks and that is enough for most. However, as rounds progress, Pairs of socks get knitted faster and faster  and the sock designs become more and more challenging!  You never know what  technique or design you’ll be knitting until the round begins. The supply list given a few days prior to the round leads to lots of speculation! 

I have lots more to share about this event and will as the competition continues! I made it through round one by completing the “Supporters Sock” This sock featured a kind of broken rib pattern and a heel I’ve never knitted before. It was a challenge and I now have another kind of heel to use when making socks!

Round 2 (Team: Sock Madness and the Sock of Secrets)

The madness continues with the second sock. This one promises to be just as much fun as the first. I am further along than the photo shows and when I sign off here will be working madly on it because there are already a few finishers and we just started these socks on tuesday! I love how the yarn is working-up. It’s a discontinued yarn I bought from knit picks, when I first started knitting. The series was called “Sock Garden” and I love all of the colors. Now if I wanted more I have to search out someone willingto sell it to me. ISO and destashing, group on Ravelry is great for this! Well it’s off to keep working on my sock. The Madness continues!


Rhinebeck…a little late

It has become a tradition for me to attend Rhinebeck. I look forward to it every year.   The first year I went by bus and had a great time, but missed out on the ravelry party. So, I promised myself the following year, I’d spend a weekend and not miss a thing! That was 4 years ago. For the last year 3 years I’ve gone with 3 other friends and have met so many other fun people in the process. The 4 of us met through ravelry and were strangers who went on a road trip and had such a fun time ,we decided to go together again and again!  The last two years we’ve rented a farm house with about 15 other fiber and fun obssessed knitters/spinners. This years house was a little quirkier than the last one.  We discovered there was not one mirror in the house, leading us to speculate if this house built in the 1800’s was once occupied by vampires! After a search we did find one mirror in the music room. Even though mirrors were scarce, the food, laughter,knitting, and comraderie was plentiful! Want to see what the house looked like?  I also took a few pictures of the inside of the house. The room I slept in was huge and  drafty, but had plenty of bedclothes, making it snuggly. Here are a few more pictures and then off to the sheep and wool festival!  This was the living room and central hangout.  It is the room where the legend of “Dead-on-gauge Kate” was born.  Be on the look-out. She may show up anywhere!  In fact, there’s already a song about the legendary Kate. All I can say is Swatch it! Here’s a picture of the room we slept in… a part of it anyway!  It really was huge.  We got up early the next morning rearing to go! Well, not quite, we all needed that first cup of coffee to get us going! I thought things went great considering there were 14 of us trying to get ready at the same time.  The day was beautiful and just a bit windy and we were off! This year my plan was to have a laid back day of seeing the animals, watching events, and shopping for yarn. In years past it was all about the yarn! It seems many of us had the same idea being experience rhineckers.  I was really good about not buying everything I saw.  I mainly looked for yarns I hadn’t seen or used before. I think I did quite well.   The first place we went to was a basket booth, There is a woman and her family who make and sell these baskets every year. They are beautiful and a must have.  I initially went with the group, but when I saw these baskets, I knew I needed to have one. Here is the one I bought. My picture captures the shape of the basket and some of the colors, but not the richness of color. The basket colors are green and fuschia. It is really beautiful. Most of us bought at least one basket of different sizes ,shapes and colors! The fun didn’t stop there. These baskets are a magnet for meeting people. Everywhere we went for the rest of the day, people stopped us to ask about the baskets and where we had gotten them or to tell us about baskets they’d bought in the past. It was kind of like being a celebrity. Speaking of celebrities, Uma Thurman was spotted by several people buying yarn just like us regular people. You never know who knits! Johnny Depp was also reported to be seen at some of the events. Uma was spotted by several people with pics to prove it. It was less certain if the real Depp was there or a look-a-like. Though one knitter reported she took a picture with him! Yet to see the photo…TMZ?  There were a few other celebrities identified by various people.  Rhinebeck is the place to be!  My oohs and ahhs were reserved for knit world bloggers and designers! Anyone for blogger bingo? Anyone spot the yarn harlot?  I spotted She shoots sheep taking fabulous pics of knitted clothing worn at the festival. Really cool ! Okay, my stargazing is over. Here are a few photos of other goodies I found this year. This is a acorn shaped bowl spinner. I watched a demonstration on youtube. Now all I have to do is to learn to use it. All I need is another addiction! It was so cute I couldn’t resist it! I did buy some yarn and a sock book  by Cat Bordi. I’m very excited to make a pair of socks from this book as soon as I finish up some other UFO’s. I didn’t buy any of these spindles, but it didn’t stop me from take a photo. They are increadibly beautiful. If i could use a spindle, I’d have been in real shopping trouble, I’d have needed a fire department to put out the fire on the lump of plastic in my hand formally known as a credit card. Lucky for me, I don’t spin! My other purchases came from the Sanguine Gryphon and Briar Rose.  The purple yarn on the left is Sappho from sangquine gryphon and the huge ball of yummy yarn goodness is from Briar Rose in  really pretty fall colors. This one is dk weight and is called legend. It has enough to make a sweater. There were so many vendors there with beautiful yarn that it was really hard not to be tempted to buy some.  Of course, besides the shopping there were lots of fun events including pumpkin tossing, Dog hearding demonstrations. We went to the Llama leaping contest and it was amazing to see a Llama leap. I didn’t know they could! It was even more amazing that they could wait to leap! Here are some cute photos of these Llamas. We also visited some of the barns with animals. Some of them were so cute! I said earlier in the post that the scenery is also a big part of visiting Duchess county/Rhinebeck. The fairground is really pretty because of all the trees and open area. It definitely puts one in a festive mood

Here are some photos of the fairground. There is also a lot of food to be eaten there from Chicken Pot Pie to Fried artichokes.  This year I tried the apple pie ala mode and have a craving for it as I write this post. It was yummy!

Here’s a little apple pie teaser!  Many knitters make something to wear at rhinebeck. This year I was a bit of a slacker, but did wear a pair of socks I had made during the year. OTKate and Purplepear made some really cute sweaters to wear. Threescompany wore her Febuary Lady sweater. Here is the way to go to Rhinebeck and by stylin’:

At the end of the day it was back to the house for an evening of food, knitting and fun! Most of us were tired, but not enough to go to bed early. The next day most of went back to see some events, try some more food, and make any last minute purchases and head home. Another Rhinebeck weekend had come and gone and left us with more great memories. Hope to see everyone next year!

Next post -Stitches East!

A new Year, A new beginning

The last time I posted  on this blog was almost  year ago. It’s amazing to me how time can go so quickly!  I’ve spent most of my internet time this past year on ravelry.  I think it’s time to come up for some air. Don’t get me wrong I love ravelry, but I really miss reading other people’s blogs and playing on mine .  I liked getting a glimpse into other peoples lives for a little inspiration, humor, perspectives, and creativity and just seeing how other people live.  So for me this is the year of the blog!  Most of the blogs I read are knitting related, but some of those led me in completely different and new directions.  This was another fun aspect of reading other blogs.

So, what am I going to write about here? Still heavy on the knitting content, but it will also include anything and everything that comes to mind!  I’m more inclined to use this now that wordpress has been improving the site since I last posted. Even though I haven’t posted here regularly, I have been guest posting on our SNB blog .  We use wordpress and it’s been easy to use. Hence my return! 

What I have I been doing since the start of 2010?

– Made a slouch beret in malabrigo in this really cool purple color. It was a gift from a Christmas swap (yes, I said it, christmas not holiday). It was a great gift and easy, fun knit. It’s blocking now and I will have pictures up tomorrow.

-I finally decided to be brave and confront my stash, yarn collection..whatever you want to call it , it took my breath away.  I think my skeins/hanks of yarn got together and had little hanks and skeinlets because I coudn’t have possibly bought all this!  It is definitely in the SABLE category…Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy! One of the features of ravelry lets one catalog all yarns. You can be as OCD about it as you want! I’m nearly finished listing and photographing all of my yarns. Last count? 368. WTF? I’ll tell you one thing, there will be no yarn buying in this household for a long time. Of course I wouldn’t be a yarn addict, If  like a drug addict that swears they need just one more hit before giving up forever(ala trainspotting), I didn’t make one last buy (experience you wonder? Absolutely not just way too much T.V. , movies and a rich imagination!) Why am I adding this bit of info… see below. Hope you all enjoy reading about knitting and seeing lots of knitted things. Because at 368 skeins/hanks of yarn there’s a lot to see!

-I joined the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock club again! It’s the Nortorius Sock Knitters Takin’ it to the Streets Tour is the theme. At this rate I’ll be living in the street because there’s not enough room in the house for me and the yarn.

OK, there’s only so much trouble I can get into because it’s only been a few days into the new year.  I’ve made my usual new years resolutions to be broken. If I don’t say them out loud, I might even complete one or two. You know what they are! We all make the same ones, right?

Now a blog post wouldn’t be a post without some kind of picture, So here you go: This beauty is my cat Allegra testing out my thrummed mitten for her personal kneading material.  I also have to figure out how to change the time thingie  on this blog because it is 1/5/2010 @ 11:58 Pm. Not 5:06! Good night all. see you tomorrow!

Sunday Adventures

What’s a girl to do when it’s Superbowl Sunday and the only reason to watch is the commercials? (This just isn’t my sport to watch-no offence) Why, go on a yarn crawl with her SNB friends!!! We had a lot of fun and bought yarn.  It was my first trip to The Black Sheep Yarn Shop in Needham, MA. p1000119_edited1

The shop is small but packed with a variety of beautiful yarns. There is something for everyone. On a normal business day, the shop would probably be just right to move around and explore all it has to offer. However, it appears that many knitters had the same thought as our group to shop instead of watch the game. It was packed! It also helped that there was a discount on all yarns and other fiber related goodies!   Lately when I shop for yarn I try to find yarns and colors I haven’t used before. Today, I found a few, except for malabrigo which I’ve used and loved. I bought some today in a color mix I haven’t seen before. Here have a peek!    The colors are even richer when seen by the eye.


Malabrigo-sapphireIt seems I can never avoid buying sock yarn, but then again there are hundreds of sock pattern to choose from. So, besides Malabrigo I found some socks appeal. It is amazingly squishy and the colors deep. I sure I can find a sock pattern the yarn wants to become. Madeline Tosh is also new to me. I bought a hank of her yarn in a color called Sea-glass. Sox Appeal

                   p1000132 I forgot to caption the sea glass, but you can see it’s the beautiful green colored yarn on the right.  The other exotic colored yarn I bought and also a new brand for me was the MANOS del URUGUAY in a combination of silk and merino wool. It’s a beautiful color called TOPAZ. You have to see this to get the full effect, but the photos not bad.

p1000130 Well enough  about my yarn buying. This sunday adventure was fun because of the great SNB friends I’ve come to know. We meet weekly to knit and have some good laughs or rant when we need it. We also hang out outside of the group. So , we’ve really become friends instead of just knit friends.  Here’s a picture of just a few of them. We have quite a group.   Here’s a picture of some of us outside the yarn shop.                 p1000121_editedHere We are with our bags of Fun!  I have actually been doing more than blog reading and buying yarn. Until today, I have actually been knitting from my stash and have projects in various stages of being finished. In a near future post I will have a show and tell to show what happens to a hank or skein of yarn when you add a pattern and some sticks!                                                                                        

An FO becomes a UFO

I haven’t been blogging lots, but I have been knitting and see no end in sight.  It’s a new year and I’m going to try to post more often, but as usual am not happy with some aspects of the blogging sites I use. Lately blogger is not letting me comment on other blogs. So, I read lots of blogs but can’t let people know because of blogger errors!  I’ve been away from wordpress for a long time, but am willing to try it again, especially because it looks like they’ed improved some features. Thus you might see posts from two blogs until I figure things out!  Now onto knitting!

I’ve been going to an SNB group near home and look forward to the group weekly. It’s a lively, fun (and funny!) group of women with lots of knitting and sometimes boyfriends and husbands joining in! Cheryl started making circle socks, a ravelry pattern and everyone got hooked. They’re fun, easy, and look complicated, but aren’t.  I finished mine in december and wore them one day when a few of us from the group were going on a yarn crawl. I told them I’d worn my circle socks and the next thing I knew shoes were flying everywhere. We’d all decided to wear our socks that day!!! It had not been discussed prior to getting together. Well, as I looked down to admire my handiwork…gasp…My big toe was sticking out!  How did that happen? Oh, %$#!  I took them off right there and with tools in hand tried to fix them. This was not so easy, It’s a star toe and didn’t take long to unravel. Then the yarn got knotted and that was that.  The socks came off and I was sockless for the day!  A few days later I took scissors and cut of a few rows (due to knots), re-knit with reinforcing thread (came with the sock) and voila, pair of socks again

My Circle Socks

My Circle Socks

Name:Circle Socks: Free pattern on Ravelry
Yarn: Lang yarns/Jawoll Aktion Yarn- One skein with yarn left over.
Needles:  Addi Turbos size 2
Method: Magic loop
It took me about two weeks to finish these. It would have been sooner, but I read the pattern wrong and ended up with arched columns and not circles. I wanted circles damn it!  Thus, I ripped it out and started them again. However, I’m keeping the arched colum error for a future sock!

The day of the yarn crawl, we took a group sock picture to show off our work.         

A semicircle of circle socks!

A semicircle of circle socks!

That’s it for today. They’ll be more to come in 2009.

Get knitting!

Stick a fork in me I’m done!

I’m so mad! I’ve had the worst time posting here. This is my fourth try and finally… I do it the same way everytime I write, yet  posting is hit or miss.  I give up and I’m back at blogger.   You can catch me at  I posted there today.  I did take my blog name with me, so you’ll see Knitting Infinity in the header. Hope to see you there!

blog, what blog?

I was excited about moving my blog and then lost steam! I miss my blog, but haven’t done much about it. Most of my computer time has been spent reading other people’s blogs and it soon spirals out of control.  I’d go to one blog and while reading discover one’s I hadn’t heard of and jump to those and on and on and on… Before I realized it 2 hours would be gone!  It’s always worth the trip, but boy does it suck up time.  I checked my blog other day and realized there hasn’t been a post in a few weeks! It’s amazing how time flies when your sitting on your arse!

Up until last week, the knitting needles have been quiet. However, I started knitting a sweater (not bead-work) and finishing a pair of socks still in UFO status.  I will have some pics to post soon.  I’ve also gotten interested in Japanese knitting, German sock patterns, and enhancing my knitting library (like I need to enhance anything knitting related!). I’ll be sharing all of this soon. 

This is just a brief post to say hi and I’m still here. Hope everyone is enjoying good weather and or good knitting. I’ve been nature girl myself,spending most of this weekend outside!

Rainy Days and Mondays…

Spring is usually a time when most people long for warm and sunny weekends to do outside activities or get that garden started or rejuvenated, me…I look forward to a long rainy weekend.  This weekend I got my wish.  I love a weekend when I can hang-out in P.J’s or in my favorite comfy clothes, you know the ones..faded,ripped, stained or lost their shape.  Clothes you wouldn’t be caught in public wearing, but just don’t seem to find their way to the trash bin.  I love to  sleep-in read,knit…maybe play guitar all to the sound  of rain outside my window.

 It’s great weekend to catch up on movies, anything really. First thing I noticed on  some of the blogs I read this weekend was planned nap time and not for the kids!   Remember as a kid, your parents had to practically tie you to the bed to get you to take a nap?  As an adult, a nap is definitely a welcome occasional treat!  I love getting to sleep in, I just have to find a way to get one of my cats to go along with the program.  She’s all about the naps and enjoys snuggling on the bed or sofa, but that’s after the belly’s full.  In the morning, the routine remains the same whether it’s a work week,holiday or vacation, breakfast is at 6am!  Allegra is persistent and I’m tortured until breakfast is served.  I do drag myself

back to bed, but it would be nice to wake up in a slow leisurely manner.  As long as I have the little minx, I’ll never have to worry about electrical blackouts because she’s my alarm clock!  This is what Allegra looks like when things arent going her way!  Though, 99% of the time, she’s cute as a button and cuddly as can be! Samanth, my other cat goes with the flow.  She loves to sleep!  She needs her sleep, because when she’s active, you’d think 10 cats live in the house instead of two!


      Seeing as this is a blog about knitting, here’s what I been up to.  I have been knitting but do not have anything , exciting to show in the way of progress pics, but will have in the near future. I’ve been in a book buying mood lately and have have added to my knitting library.  I bought Stephanie Japel’s “Fitted Knits” and I really, really like this book.  I don’t usually wear fitted sweaters and I was expecting sweaters for those who wear size 6-8’s (I’m just envious!).  However, many of the sizes are great for a wide range of sizes and I find them to be very flattering!  When I’ve had a chance to read through it more thoroughly, I’ll give more info.  It won’t be a review because I know what I like and wouldn’t want to  influence someone’s decision based on my likes and anyway, I don’t have the writing flair that other’s show when they review knitting books.  I’ll tell you though, if  your in the mood for a knitting review with bite, you have to read Hibiscut girl’s drunken reviews! I never miss out on an opportunity to read her reviews!  She’s been very busy, so I haven’t seen on lately, but check the archives and get yourself a glass of wine!  It’s too early at Chez wendy’s for wine, but later…Hmm red or white?  Enjoy our day everyone!                                                                                

Happy Easter

A short post to wish everyone a Happy Easter! If you don’t celebrate Easter then Enjoy your day however, it’s celebrated! I haven’t been in the mood to knit much  I’ve been feeling kind of blah…3 day migraine.  I need spring weather and fast!  I do have some projects to work on and will be posting project pics as soon as I get my butt in gear again! Enjoy your day and get in lots of knitting!

Fear of knitimacy

Knitimacy is my word for not getting fully involved in knitting a garment.  For example, I see a sweater that I just have to knit ! I read through the pattern, carefully choose and buy the yarn suggested or a substitute, get needles, ready any charts, and … it sits alone in a bag or basket waiting weeks or months for me to get involved! I pass by and give longing glances and promises to myself to be more attentive, but do I? No! I knit 5 other projects before considering that must have sweater!  For example, Alice Starmore’s Beadwork is that sweater.  I want it and I keep making promises, but never commit! Well, I’m taking  doing it. This is a public commitment to making this sweater no matter what challenges I face!  By making it public, I’ll have to work on it. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my readers or myself. Has anyone else gone through this?  So, look for progress and updates. In the meantime, has anybody seen a swatch in a beautiful red color call hollyberry…